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The massive planning and construction of Jinan CBD showcase the city
image of Jinan.

The Municipal Government of Jinan City and Greenland Group signed the “strategic cooperation agreement of super high-rise buildings in CBD of
Jinan” on September 14, 2015, in which the company confirmed that a upscale office building soaring over 500 meters high will be constructed. “The
company is delighted to take part in the construction of Jinan CBD and keen to make an all-out effort to promote this project into the next phase.”
said Zhang Yuliang, president and CEO of Greenland Group.

The symposium with a view to discussing the scheme of Jinan CBD was held on August 27, which clarified the demand for a designing scheme that
should be further deepened and subdivided in addition to deliberation of the antecedent works.

In a more detailed plan, a complete system constituted by programming, urban planning, building design, color-way and lighting design will be created
and the functional planning will be actualized at the same time. In the aspect of planning and design of the CBD construction, it is dedicated to showcase the
characteristics associated to the altitude, scale and feature of the buildings with concentration of dense high-rises on the CBD, massive size of construction
items and combination of the modern, diversified and voguish architectural styles.

The central business center (CBD) is a symbolic illustration of the fruits of Jinan’s reform and development and the image of the capital city of the
economy-prosperous province. The city of Jinan should make full use of the valuable natural resources it possesses when it comes into a planning. In this
respect, it requires considerable imagination to make a consummate layout of the constructions in the CBD which not only has a proper distribution but also
reveals the city features and cultural connotation.


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