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365bet体育在线 如今的山东新金融中心 In the face of the severity of an economic downturn and the urgency of
已经取得了哪些发展成就,在今后发展 development tasks since 2014, Shizhong district griped the historic opportunities
的思路上又将会有怎样的规划? that Shandong province has been pushing on the impelling propellant on financial
reform and development, along with earnestly implementing the spirit of the Eighth
朱红方 Plenary Session of the Tenth Municipal Committee of the CPC, holding on to the
ground-breaking strategy of “to build up the four centers and to achieve modernization
of Jinan” and actively responding to the call of "the popularity of innovation and
entrepreneurship”. Concentrating on progresses of the modern industry and the pillar
industries, the district has planned the Shandong The New Financial Center of excellent
quality in the central expanded region while inspiring all kinds of financial industry in
the northern core area, in its effort to present regional highlands concerning financial
operation and management, financial assets dealing and burgeoning finance innovation.

Considerable achievements have been realized in constructing the Shandong The
New Financial Center, in which over 30 equity investment organizations manipulating
the funds of more than 10 billion yuan converged. Shizhong district will make the
most of the financial resources nourished in the center to impel the coherence between
financial resources and the real economy and the acceleration of the district’s economic
and social development in association with the projects related to infrastructure
construction, industrial development, small and medium-size enterprise development,
commercialization of scientific and technological outcomes, college student
entrepreneurship, characteristic parks and blocks.

With the creation of Shandong The New Financial Center, the overall sales rate
of the business complex in Samtak Plaza attained higher than 90% , much more than
the developer expected. It would be a strong demonstration that the operation mode
innovated by Shizhong district serves the interests of all the participators involved.
Following up the mature operation module, Shizhong district carries on with the second
phase of the project to bring up more fruits of the innovation model.


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