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365bet体育在线 山东新金融中心下一步 Shandong The New Financial Center is a breeding base of the
的发展规划和目标是什么? financial industry schemed by the district committee and the district
government of Shizhong in light of the historic opportunity that
王勤光 the province is working on finance innovation. It motivates the innovative
development of finance by means of setting up a regional investing and
financing platform for competitiveness promotion, image cultivation and
developing forte exploitation of the financial industry of Shizhong district.

The financial center has new traits that are reflected in two aspects:
renewed business forms being distinguished from that of the traditional
finance; industrial transformation and upgrading of the old fashioned finance.
The new financial center can give impetus to development of the newly-
emerging industry and the public entrepreneurship, which also contributes to
the transformation and upgrading of the traditional financial industry.

To build Shandong The New Financial Center, Shizhong district
government put forth the “Opinions on constructing a regional cluster
of equity investment institutions”, creating a deistic-level governmental
guiding fund of 100 million yuan for equity investment, which intensifies the
industrial support by participating shares in the relevant equity investment
institutions for boosting the cluster establishment. For such purposes, more
measures have been taken by the district.

It is expected that 100 equity investment institutions and burgeoning
firms will spring up in Shandong The New Financial Center by the end of
2017, which concentrate in the high-growth industries such as infrastructure
construction, the modern service industry, new materials, biological
medicine and information technology. With the 30 billion yuan trading
volume of investment and finance, it will actualize a potent combination
between the finance capital and the real economy, lent full support to public
entrepreneurship and extensive innovation. Being a new force in the erection
of the regional financial center, it emerges to sustain the economic and social
development of Jinan city and Shandong province.


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