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Located in 4 km south of Bayi overpass, the Samtak
Business Complex containing 10 buildings is now
rising. A huge billboard advertising “Shandong The
New Financial Center” was erected high and fetching, and the
promising future is reflected from the glass wall.

As 12 banking, insurance, and new-type financial
institutions relocated in Shizhong District in Jun. 17th,
Shandong The New Financial Center was finally put into
service, marking the financial resurrection in Shizhong

We should make financial industry our top priority,
said Zhu Hongfang, Secretary of the CPC Shizhong District
Committee, utilize the complementarity between the new
development trend and the regional advantages, facilitate the
joint development and obtain new breakthroughs on capital

With the economy expanding, the problem of saturated
space and the succession from traditional to new-type
emerged to be a bottleneck.

Therefore, a new business sector has been planed in
Shizhong District stretching geographically larger than ever
before to supply room and opportunities for the financial
boom in Jinan.

Accordingly, Shandong The New Financial Center
was aimed at recruiting new-type finance such as equity
investment, private capital management, internet finance,
equity-based crowdfunding, etc. for which the district had
put out “Views on the creation of regional equity investment
institution cluster” to renew the policy support and strengthen
the platform.

Wang Qinguang, the chief executive of Shizhong District
said, Shandong The New Financial Center had demonstrated
its “new” in the recruiting of new-type finance and the
transformation and upgrading of traditional industry in ways
of administration and service.


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