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市中区的金融学问底蕴深厚,十分有利于聚集一批相干基金办理及中介机构。 图/东方IC
Rich in cultural heritage of finance, Shizhogn district is quite convenient for assembling the organizations and
intermediaries of funds management.

Shandong The New Financial Center as a core center of the regional to make use of the Samtack Plaza, a project covering a total construction area
finance of Jinan city has its own superiorities with the accumulation of 200, 000 square meters. To create an industrial park of finance, the district
of finance culture and an agglomeration of the financial institutions committee and government committed the five buildings it purchased to provide
involved in banking, insurance, security and so forth. As of now Shizhong comprehensive services and to foster the emerging financial industry. In order to
district has introduced the Leader Fund with a total investment of 1.679 billion achieve the scientific, innovative and characteristic developments of the financial
RMB yuan (which has realized the actual invested amount of 700 million industrial park, it gives high priority to the equity investment industry and
RMB yuan) and the Shunhui Fund with the sum of 100 million RMB yuan allows full play to functions of the innovation service platform regarding policy
that is already in place. Having allocated 5 million yuan in capital, Huitong consultation, investment negotiation, finance planning, project contact and fund
Fund Management Company is going though the procedures of enterprise raising. With its efforts, equity investment organizations, senior talents, high-
registration, which will set up an industrial fund up to 250 million yuan this level capital and fund projects will converge on the park by means of holding
year. Furthermore, Shandong branch of China Science & Merchants Investment diversified activities including equity investment and financing assemblies,
Management Group (CSC), a preeminent investment firm in China, is actively equity financing enterprise road shows, equity investment industrial training,
initiating talks with authorities concerned so as to settle in Shizhogn district. The equity investment high-end forums, salons for senior management personnel
effect of equity investment aggregation is arising. and high net-worth groups, for the purpose of a well-rounded growth and
development of the financial industry of Shizhong district.
For further expansion of development space and cultivation of new industry,
the CPC Shizhong District Committee and District Government has decoded


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