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新金融业态的集聚,为市中区金融产业的发展注入了新的活力。 Orientated to become the regional cluster
The agglomeration of the new financial organizational modes has injected new vigor to the development of the financial industry for equity investments, Shandong The
of Shizhong district. New Financial Center has aggregated
the social, financial and private capitals from
the economic circle of capital city group. Equity
investment, private capital management, internet
finance, equity-based crowd-funding and so on,
a variety of burgeoning industrial forms of the
financial sector have been offered the chance to
grow, which benefits the development of important
aspects of the real economy and spurs the interaction
between finance and the real economy. All these
contribute to the tide of establishment of financial
development bases in the economic circle of capital
city group.

For business attraction, firstly, the Fund of
Funds at the state, province and city levels that
guide equity investment have been introduced.
Driven by its participation in the industrial
investment fund, venture capital fund and private
equity investment fund, it is conductive to the
innovation of the equity investment fund system
and to the creation of a regional cluster for equity
investments with a strong competitive edge and
influence in Shandong province. Secondly, large
finance companies and high net worth individuals
are the targeted group to be invited into the new
financial center as it is effective to concentrate the
private capitals of the province, allocate financial
resources for the real economy as well as maintain
and increase the capital value. Thirdly, the corporate
financial institutions and new forms concerning
capital management funded by private sectors are
encouraged to develop in order to help build a
characteristic agglomeration zone of the burgeoning
financial organizations. Fourthly, the superior
enterprises involved in the internet finance are
allured to land in since the center has put forward
the ways of exploiting network financial operations.
Fifthly, cultivation of the intermediary and service
institutions of finance in the fields of accounting,
auditing, evaluation, rating and law is emphasized
to provide professional and specialized services for
the investment and financing institutions in the new
financial center.


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