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办事看点四: 办事看点五: Adhering to the business philosophy of
考核企业,享受差异化待遇 招商有道,让企业无后顾之忧 developing the new finance, promoting
innovation and entrepreneurship, Shandong
▲作为市中区中部拓展区的一大力作,山东新金融中心 从前期园区策划到后期招商引资, The New Financial Center based on the working
全方位立体化的办事,让企业在此温暖栖居。 每一个角落,每一处细节,市中区都做 mode which adopts guidance and participation of
Being a masterpiece of the central broadened region 足了功课,下足了功夫。如今,这个以“发 the government, operation of the market players,
of Shizhong district, Shandong The New Financial 展新兴金融、助力创新创业”为发展理 management and services of the park and win-win
Center offers the companies that landed in with 念,以“政府引导参与、市场主体运营、 cooperation of the enterprises. The (Shizhong district)
comprehensive services. 园区办理办事、企业互联共赢”为运作 service center of the financial business center (CBD) of
模式的园区,将举全区之力用全方位、 Jinan has set up an organization providing investment
立体化的“保姆式”办事让企业在此温 promotion services with SAMTAK Industrial Co., Ltd.
暖栖居。 With the industrial orientation that concentrates on the
(本文图片均由山东新金融中心提供) emerging financial sectors, Shandong The New Financial
Center has carried out coordinated management on the
property owned by the government and the company’s
rentable real estates in Samtak Square, strictly enforcing
the approval criteria for enterprise entry with a special
focus on introducing the emerging financial forms
approved by financial regulatory authorities of all levels
which are related to equity investment, private capital
management, internet finance and equity-based crowd-

In addition, the “Opinions on the creation of the
regional cluster for equity investment organizations”
was introduced by the district government to impel the
advancement of Shandong The New Financial Center,
which has allocated a district-level guiding fund of 10
million yuan for equity investment. It nourishes the
corresponding institutions with enhanced industrial
complement and increased service support so as to
facilitate the agglomeration of industries and thus
to build the regional cluster for equity investment
organizations. Simultaneously it has strengthened the
contact and coordination with superior departments at
provincial and municipal levels in relation to finance
in quest of preferential policies. It focuses on assisting
private equity market by utilizing guidance from the
provincial level capital market, protecting investment
equity, implementing the policies related to business
listing, for ease of innovative service mode, enlarged
business scope, expanded service area and improved
service capacity of the companies that have landed in the
center. Moreover, it has pushed through schemes such
as offering government subsidies to financial leading
talents and professionally technical talent and solving
the problems they face in work and in livelihood as the
incentives to high-caliber personnel.


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