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Samtak Plaza is located in the region of
Hero Mountain Road, which has long
been known as a century-old business
district and a brownstone district. When speaking
of the development prospect, the area where
this project takes up is in the core of the central
financial and business district that has earned
particular attention from the city, that can be fully
proved by Shandong The New Financial Center
that has landed in Samtak Plaza.

The core region of the central financial and
business center is about to emerge, exerting a
radiation effect to boost the urban development
of the southern new town. The whole region
will certainly become the uplift belt of finance
and the growth pole of wealth, which acts as the
bellwether of the economic development and
the wealth growth with an excellent investment

The skyscraper No.1 which covers a total
overground floor area of 53,000 square meters is
a multi-functional complex that has converged
office, business and banking. With a height of up to
166 meters, the building was erected as a landmark
in the Hero Mountain region, from which we can
take a bird's-eye view of the city.

The high-rise No.2 is an individual building
used as the MINI MALL of catering. It is located
in a easterly direction in the base, in the opposite
of the ultrahigh office premise. With a total area
of 8,000 square meters, the third to the top floor of
the five-story building are set as apartment blocks.

The towers No.6 to 9 have different
distributions of office area based on 3 tiers of unit
size which cover 150 square meters, 300 square
meters and 500 square meters respectively. An
effective spatial structure has been implemented
according to the size of organization and
development potentials, including the service
zones such as public conference rooms, negotiation
rooms and so forth. The building No. 10 is applied
to provide integrated services in accord with the
requirements of the enterprises, which incorporates
the park exhibition hall, multi-functional
conference hall, industrial training room, project
negotiating room, reception room, salon and other
kinds of public service facilities.


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