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COFCO Futures and Shandong The New Financial Center share the same concept of “To provide services of the one-hundred percent satisfaction”.

As the mainstay of Chinese futures market and a link combining the intermediates of futures, stocks and funds, COFCO Futures
founded in 1996 has been undertaking the mission of “We Grow What You Entrust”, playing striving to provide the clients with
specialized, customized and strategized futures services including analysis reports, data products, professional investment strategies,
hedging trading schemes as well as trailed training, compound of futures spot and so forth. To further services for the customers in Shandong
province and to branch out into new scopes of business, COFCO Futures opened its sales department in Jinan and signed up with Shandong The
New Financial Center on June 17.

Since the sales department began its preparation work for establishment, Shizhong district service center of Jinan financial business center
has detailed the dominance and industrial policies to facilitate the company to land in the center through improved effectiveness of service and
enhanced adequacy of communication. After registration, the COFCO Jinan sales department became the first futures firm to enter Shandong
The New Financial Center. On October 16 it launched the business opening ceremony and the inauguration ceremony of landing in the center.

The landing of COFCO Futures will be a supplement to development of the futures industry in the center, which weighs tremendously in
spurring the aggregation of financial institutions and the betterment of financial organizational modes. Given the development platform of the
new financial center, the COFCO Jinan sales department will concatenate on assembling capital resources of the urban agglomeration around the
provincial capital in the next phase for superior performance of futures business activities and win-win cooperation with the center.


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