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Professor Li Tiegang in School of
Economics at Shandong University is
a representative of the entrepreneurs
and scholars who invested their attentions to the
extraordinarily emerging Shandong The New
Financial Center.
Like his compeers, Li Tiegang has chosen the center
as a base to set up his cultural and creative fund.
The warm and thoughtful service in all sectors and
the innovative platform of public service provided
by Shandong The New Financial Center give the
enterprises an incentive to land in. Referring to
why he chose to establish the fund here, Li Tiegang
explained an assemblage of supporting facilities
and services also became a plus to such a choice. “A
large number of financial institutions, multi-layered
capital markets involved with banking, security,
equity investment fund and specialist agencies such
as accounting firms and law firms have converged
in Shandong The New Financial Center. Thereupon,
it is capable of offering corresponding capital-
market services to the companies of varied sizes at
every developmental stage and inspiring the finance
capital to better serve the real economy” he said.
The development prospect of the financial center
is a subject that each expert and scholar concerned
should ponder over, and Li Tiegang is no exception.
Regarding the definition of “new”, Li Tiegang
thought it is not merely as simple as to compare
with the difference between the present one and
its precedent or to import new genres of business.
More important, it should take the new platform,
new operation mode and new eco-chain of financial
community into account.


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