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A picture of water eco-civilization featured with the gushing spring, pure lake, expedite river,
crystal water and beautiful landscape is emerging.

The sparkling tranquil Sun Moon Lake and gushing exuberant Baotu Spring characterized Taiwan and Jinan, granted them love, pleasure, indulgence, and the
same root and essence of culture.
September 9th to 20th, 21 research institutions attached to esteemed colleges and universities companying experts from over 60 domestic water service
enterprises attended the Tenth Cross - Strait Water Quality Safety Symposium and 2015 Water Supply summit Forum held in Jinan, discussing on the cutting-edge
technologies and the further promotion on the development of water-supply and drainage industry.

In the seminar, Jinan demonstrated the new works on drinking water quality monitoring, water supply security and water environment improvement which were
considered of importance. The on-going construction of “Sponge City” and Water Eco-system received broad attention and caused much discussion. The academic
exchanges and collisions performed across the strait would definitely push forward the further construction of ecological water system and accelerate ecological

The symposium was co-founded by Dr. Qu Jiuhui, Academician of Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, and Prof. Huang Libin from Taiwan
National Chiao Tung University, designed to strengthen the communication and cooperation on the Water safety control technology and management. From 2004 on,
10 sessions have been successfully held.

The seminar topic centers on the operation management of water plants, new technologies of water treatment, water quality safety control, leakage control,
energy-saving and emission reduction. Meanwhile, salient issues and potential challenges posed ahead were also focused on, deeply analyzed and examined.

Other than the routines, the symposium went through the designs on the inspection route of Jinan National Major Science and Technology " Water special project
" demonstration projects, via which the outcomes of Municipal Water Supply and Drainage Utility development were transparently showed to the participants.


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