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Xinmao Qilu Science and Technology City has accommodated several buildings in the architectural styles of the Han and Tang Dynasties.

Authorized by Taiwan Affairs Office of Shandong Province, the Cross-Straits (Jinan) Youths
Entrepreneurship Base was established in June 2015. Covering an area of 300,000 square meters,
it is located in Xinmao Qilu Science & Technology City in Jinan New Material Industrial Park
of Tianqiao district. Based on the branded sci-tech park that has been operated by Xinmao Group for 20
years and the state-level scientific incubator offered by the company, it is orientated to create a high-grade
entrepreneurship platform for young people on both sides of the strait so as to facilitate the normalization o
communication and the realization of study-research cooperation between the young entrepreneurs of cross-

As to promotion of the base construction, the Taiwan chamber of commerce was founded in No.53
building with the effort of the park’s management committee for the convenience of building an exchange
platform for Taiwan-based firms, instituting professional management teams, providing relevant information
and setting up the exhibition center of scientific achievements. Fully furnished to supply the small startups
with a favorable hardware environment, it is capable to provide a wide range of services regarding banking,
financing, intermediary, company listing, approval, technique, network, Internet of Things, file informatization
and management, property management, which are tailored to the situations of the Taiwan firms and young
entrepreneurs. The youth from Taiwan who are willing to do pioneering work will receive preferential
treatment from the park in addition to the favorable policies given by the state, province and city.


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