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2014 年,长清区图书馆率先成立了尼山书院,并开 As the chief librarian of Changqing Distinct Library, Wen Hongling has accumulated
展了丰富多彩的学问传承公益活动。 proficient expertise and considerable experience from industrious working in the
The library of Changqing district innovated to found past 30 years. It is her firm conviction that “to be the bringer of light by burning off
Nishan Academy in 2014, which carried out a great oneself”, which helped her build the senses of enterprise and responsibility with respect of pride,
diversity of public benefit activities for cultural confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement. She has continued to lead a fulfilled job and life.
She has devoted to social cultural service for more than 30 years with her specialized
knowledge, sincere enthusiasm and dedicated spirit and made tremendous contributions to
the cultivation, popularity, and prosperity of the public cultural undertakings.

With gratitude, she has never ceased on-the-job learning so as to enhance the vocational
capability throughout her profession for a better status in both life and work.

Since working as the chief librarian from 2009, she has pioneered to open up a new
prospect of the cause of the public cultural service, closely combined with the current
situation and proactively oriented to the future. She and her colleagues have formulated
scientific working program and detailed implementation plan for the development of social
culture. A series of measures concerning the library’s social cultural service has been carried
out for the benefit of the citizens to enjoy the cultural feast that is offered for free.


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