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umn coolness would always make the journey to the desert easy and joyful. Also, The Astana Ancient Tombs group, the Flaming Mountains, Grape
valley, Ayding Lake, Karez cite, the Kumtag desert, the Lamjin gorge beacon tower relic deserve your attention during your visit.
Heading along the Silk road all the way west to Turfan is surely the path of every explorer conquering the wild and mysterious west China.
Blue sky, fatty clouds, forsaken towns from a different time, Flaming Mountains, rape grapes, and beautiful Serindian girls are not only in the travelogues, but in
real scenery.

The city of Turfan was of strategic importance on the ancient Silk road, and was the economic, politics, culture center of ancient Serindia. Numerous kinds of
language such as Chinese, Sanscrit, Sogdian adopted, abundant historical and cultural relics of all kinds explored and unearthed have all witnessed the exuberance of
glorious Serindia.

Two ruined cities that are in the vicinity of Turfan, Jiaohe city and Gaochang city, both were forsaken, left tremendous remains that were the most well-restored in
modern China. Covering almost 4,900 acres, the “Twin cities” are the vastest city relic reserved, shrines, dwellings, government residents are separately set and lined,
surrounded and protected by huge walls and 30-meter-high cliffs under which was dried old-time canal. The name of Gaochang is rather familiar to Chinese people,
the Gaochang Kingdom depicted in the renowned mythical novel Journey To The West was the city we are speaking of.


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