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Bridge, a category in architecture and a type of culture, represents a structural work
amalgamating practicability and artistry. Being the city of springs, Jinan has as many bridges
as the water area it owns. The park of Daming Lake is a place where visitors may find
themselves coming upon a variety of bridges.

The bridge on the northernmost bank is the Beizhu bridge. About 20 meters in the east lies the
Wenshao bridge, a deflected slab bridge that resembles a angle rule. It is named for adjoining the
courier station of Shao. Walking 300 meters southward, the largest bridge in existence in the Daming
lake - the Quehua bridge comes into view, which is situated north of the “springs confluence”
memorial archway. The Nanfeng bridge is located a hundred meters farther south, built in honor of
Zeng Gong, one of the Eight Great Prose Masters of the Tang and Song who governed Jinan in the
Northern Song Dynasty. Approximately 20 meters southward, the Zhuyun bridge is a tiny arch bridge.
With the neighboring two bridges called Lanqing and Meixi, the three are named revealing the artistic
conception of the noble characters of esquire. The Ouxiang bridge close to the stone inscription of “water
roving around Zeng embankment” at the south end of the Nanfeng bridge has relation to the best-
known landscape “an ocean of lotus flowers in summer” of the Daming lake.


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