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/董丽娜 Jinan is a city which makes you hesitate to leave once you come to it. A multitude of beautiful scenery
redounded honors upon it such as“national famous historical and cultural city”, “city with the most
lauded traits of China” and so forth. The unparalleled beauty of springs, spectacular view of rolling
peaks, monuments shouldering the weight of history and extraordinary masterpieces of nature piece out the
landscape features of the city, backgrounded by the heritages of history, culture and nature. For the work
of quickening the ecological garden city construction, a general survey of scenic resources has begun in a
sweeping way in Jinan.

Landscape resources are the precious and unrenewable bequests of nature and human. The investigation,
as a decision made to implement the conclusions of the 18th CPC National Congress, is carried out to tease
out the resources for conservation, in coincidence with the core task of “forging the four centers and building
a modern city ”.

The survey focused mostly on the natural and human landscapes within the city limits which have
ornamental, cultural and scientific merits. The natural landscape refers to scenic spots composed of various
substances and phenomena in nature, for instance, weather and astronomical phenomena, geological
features, hydrographic scenery, plants and animals. The cultural landscape includes cultural relics, garden
constructions and folk sights that invoked manual works or human activities. Through the combination of
desk research and site exploration, historical archives and positive word of mouth, the survey, for the first
time in history, has been allocated in a tremendously extensive range and wide scope by employing field
reconnaissance, interviews and discussions throughout the designated regions.

The survey took a year to complete, which involved a working group with the technical backbones
of strong responsibility and professional capacity and the necessary equipments. The work has scored
remarkable achievements, which based on the rigorous checks over the investigation data of the 1,200
scenic spots.

On this basis, an information management platform for the city’s landscape resources was created by
a specialist agency upon the request of Jinan Municipal Bureau of Landscape and Forestry and the Office
of Scenic Resources Investigation. The working group is now engaged in drawing up the “compilation of
the scenery resources of Jinan city” by analyzing, sorting and examining the survey results in hand. This
compilation as a dictionary of the over 1,200 scenery resources will benefit further protection and utilization.

▲ 有山有水,有自然有文韵,济南这座城市堪称人杰地灵。 图/林志辉

Jinan is renowned for the outstanding personage and landscape with natural beauty and cultural heritage.


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