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Jinan has long since been a splendid and famous city because of water

The typical portrait of Jinan is that there are flowing streams aspiration of Wang Shizhen and the romantic recollections of Xia
by every house and willow trees by every floor, just as the Yuhe, all of these contribute to a lake brimming with legendary quality.
old saying goes: lotuses and willows are all around Jinan. For Of course we cannot neglect the marvelous views of Baiyun Lake and
Jinan, the delicately beautiful temperament derives from the existence the perfect fusion of the mountain and water scenery of Guyun Lake.
of water, the vessel that carries the essence of the city.
The rivers witnessed the historical glory of Jinan. The ancient
The springs of Jinan are considered to be peerless in the world. Ji River and the mother river of China the Yellow River brought
All around us, everywhere, the unfettered springs gush out, gurgling civilization to many of the lands they flowed through. Now the Ji River
to wherever they want. Being the quintessence of the scenic areas, or disappeared into history, while the Yellow River remains significant in
a part of the lives of ordinary households, the springs are completely navigation and water supply of Jinan. In addition, the Xiaoqing River,
intertwined with city. City Moat, Xiuyuan River, Tuhai River, Wohushan Reservoir and
Jinxiuchuan Reservoir are of profound importance to the city.
The lakes are remarkable. Converged by spring streams, Daming
Lake, the lake of great splendor, is the city’s natural and cultural Thanks to water, the city of Jinan has become more fascinating
landmarks. The incredible lines of verse by Li Bai and Du Fu, the and appealing.
traditional way of drinking full of interest and charm, the incomplete


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