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the city is a canvas, buildings are a constituent part of it that draws the most attention.
Such an appealing secenry has?the?peculiarity?to be the preserver of history and memory and a
liaison between the past, present and future of the city. Interruption of historical continuity would
jeopardize the freedom of choice and behavior of a nation, according to John Berger. The buildings, erected
with dignity and composure, will be the last line of defense to conserve the history that we experienced and
and the glory which we dreamed of.

Strolling on the outside is my favorite thing to do in the city. The longer the walk goes on, the more
intense the feeling arises - I am following the same path that appeared in “The Travels of Lao Can”.

If In a late autumn more than 100 years ago, Lao Can roamed around Jinan when the city was immersed
in red leaves and golden flowers. An abundance of natural beauty has long since been a classical description
of the quintessential sights of Jinan. What Lao Can had seen and heard consisted of more than the
landscape of lakes and mountains, but also the buildings that were truly unforgettable. According
to the novel, Gaosheng Store was located in the Xiaobuzheng Street (literally the “Chief Secretary
Government Street”). In the Daming Lake, the first scenic spot he visited in the city center, Lao Can
went on board from the Quehua Bridge (literally the “Maggie Brilliance Bridge”), sailed heading to the
Lixia Pavilion, and reached the Ancestral Hall of Lord Tie to enjoy the resplendency of the Thousand-
Buddha Mountain on the north bank.


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