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city of Jinan is astonishingly beautiful.
Many scholars through history have remarkable impressions on the glamorous spring
landscape, the spectacular mountain scenery and the dignified historic buildings. With abundant
resources of landscape, the delicate glamour of Jinan has inspired great writers’ zest for literary creation.
Eminent men of letters, such as Li Bai, Zeng Gong, Yuan Haowen, Su Shi, Su Zhe, Zhao Mengfu, Pu
Songling and Wang Shizhen, left a wealth of splendid poetry glorifying the fine view of Jinan. The splendor
of the city provided lasting nourishment to the native-born poets, including Li Qingzhao, Xin Qiji, Zhang
Yanghao, Li Panlong and so forth.

Wang Shizhen marveled at the stunning scene constituted by the mountains, springs, lakes, rivers and
city when he arrived in Jinan from Beijing. Yuan Haowen, Huang Tingjian and Zhao Mengfu, without
exception, were particularly amazed by the picturesque scenery of Jinan, creating precious cultural heritages
of poetic prose and painting.

Although the magnificent landscape cannot speak for themselves, they have earned quite a reputation
since generations of accomplished scholars had been especially keen to propagate their allure. The moving
phrases of the refined scholars are a sort of adornment to the city.

Jinan is rich in landscape resources and historical personage; the two together make a city of
startling beauty.



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