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The road of sincere exchange and communication was built by Jinan
and Germany industrial cooperation office.

Germany is an established manufacturing superpower, while China is a big manufacturing country.
Germany's "Industry 4.0" concept and the "Made in China 2025" strategy provided a new era for
in-depth and win-win cooperation between China and Germany - if we put aside the differences
in the stage of development and the strategic focus of the two countries.

In 2013, the industry cooperation office was set up by Jinan city in Dresden, known as the Silicon
Valley of Europe. Multiple projects were benefited from frequent exchanges between two cities, which also
became a milestone in the industrial cooperation process between Jinan and Germany

"Industry 4.0" and "Made in China 2025" Jinan-Europe Industry Cooperation Fair was held in
September 2015, as a good platform for exchanges and communications between more than 20 enterprises
from Jinan and over 60 German companies. The world’s leading experts from China, Germany, France, the
U.S., Finland and other regions attended China Intelligent Manufacturing International Summit in Jinan in
November 2015. This summit delivered the information that the city of Jinan was determined and confident
of building the intelligent manufacturing industry for a better future development.

In 2016 Jinan will work together with Germany to push bilateral relations of industry cooperation on
the basis of the achievements already attained. The Jinan-Germany industrial incubator was planned to build
in the beginning of the year to facilitate companies in both countries with quick and convenient services in
Europe and to stimulate a highly effective combination of Germany’s advanced technologies with China’s
broad market prospects. Meanwhile, the Sino-Euro incubation fund was established to encourage businesses
of the two countries to cooperate in the initial research phase. These offer even wider cooperative space for
cooperation between the two sides.



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