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US / he city of Jinan shows its best in April, the

专 time of the most beautiful season.

题 T Presenting a mixture of features of
the North and the South, Jinan has a clear distinction
between the four seasons. The springtime, which
sees willows weeping, lotus leaves stretching, clean
streams flowing and mountains turning green, is a
period of delight with the revivification of nature.
Speaking of the city character, Jinan is as gentle
as the pleasant weather of spring.
The ancient said that Jinan people were honest,
magnanimous and polite. Deeply influenced by the
Confucian culture, the governments of the past and
the present, the intellectuals and the ordinary people
achieved a long-term harmonious development.
Jinan had developed a distinctive local culture that
is characterized by an inclusive attitude based on the
digestion and comprehension of different cultures,
both native and introduced.
Over the centuries our ancestors who resided
in Jinan nearby the springs created rich material
and spiritual cultural heritages. The influence of
the springs is still active in the city progress, the
urban development, the historic events, the cultural
connotation and the folk traditions and customs.
Hence, there is a notion that the city of Jinan
originated from and flourished with the springs.
The characters of the local people have
been exactly consistent with that of the city -
guilelessness, dignity, passion and tolerance. No
matter how the situations change, these good traits
have remained the same all along.
Each one in the city will be treated equally,
an it has nothing to do with where you are from or
what accent you have

▲ 一城泉水倾倒天下来客。 图/程普麟
The springs in Jinan are greatly admired by visitors.

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